Saba set and dessert/coffee

Staying at an onsen Japanese Inn

Cheaper Japanese Yen good for us

Earlier when I blogged about the cost of the houses the Yen was much higher than now. It was S$16 to Yen 1,000. Now it is about S$11 to Yen 1,000. So please adjust the prices accordingly.

Lower Japanese Yen in May 2015

The Japanese Yen is now 90.35 to 1 Singapore dollar or 1000 Yen is S$11.06

Cheap apartment in Southern Japan

This apartment built in 1973 is for sale at S20,000. It is about the size of a 3 roomed HDB flat in Singapore (60 sq meter). It has 3 rooms. The rental one would fetch is about S$600 a month which is a very good. It is a freehold. Click on image for bigger and clearer version.

$500k house in Hokkaido

Residential Apartment Price ¥32,000,000 ( about S$500k)
Building Size 63 m2

Agent Tracks Real Estate Enquire Located in the heart of Hirafu, this apartment offers stylish and spacious apartment living. Built by the area's leading resort developer, Hokkaido Tracks, you are assured of quality throughout. While only a minute's walk to the main street, you have the benefit of quiet surrounds. Triple-glazed panoramic windows provide warmth, light and views. A funky modern unit, priced to sell. Upper Hirafu, Niseko, Hokkaido Address 183-2 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta Gun, Hokkaido

BT: If you look out of the window you can see the place was covered with I love it!

Japan house @ S$112,000

This house with an onsen (hot spring) bath cost $112K. It's a freehold property. Click on pictures to see bigger versions.

This house cost S$125,000 to 130k in Japan

A house (above) cost S$125,000 to $130,000 in Southern Japan. It has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen and a big piece of land. It also comes with piped-in natural hot spring water in the bath (Onsen).The house is about 18 years old.

Please note there are many more such inexpensive houses for sale in the Kumamoto, Yu Fuin and other southern Japan areas. 

Reasons for this Blog

Many holiday makers find difficulty in booking hotels and ryokans in Japan. The ryokans or traditional Japanese inn owners are usually unfamiliar with foreign languages other than the Japanese language. It is because of this difficulty in communication that foreigners have missed the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Japanese hospitality.
Most of the big western type of hotels in Japan do not display the real Japanese hospitality. They are too commercialised and although the service is generally better than in most countries,they still lack the traditional touch of the Japanese hospitality.
In ryokans,which are mainly owned and operate by the Japanese families,the guests would be able to interact with the hosts and hostesses.
A family owned ryokan is mostly made up of a few units and so the service is more personalised. Breakfast and dinner are usually included in the booking of the ryokans.
Most ryokans do not accept credit cards but instead prefer payment in cash. This makes it all the more difficult for a foreigner to make reservation of ryokans from overseas.
Hence,this blog is created to simplify and help foreigners book the ryokans besides other assistances eg. booking of bus and train tickets and itenary,tours, etc.
Get assistance from me by emailing me at

Suginoi Palace,Japan's Las Vegas

Suginoi Hotel, located in one of the eight major hot spring areas of Beppu, offers stunning views of nature with Beppu Bay on one side and Mt. Tsurumi on the other.
At Suginoi Hotel, we offer many entertainment possibilities such as our hot springs to entertain our maximum of 2,434 guests in 562 rooms.
We have four main facilities: the 14-story tall Hon-Kan and the 13-story Hana-Kan house our accommodations, Suginoi Palace is comprised of Tanayu and our other hot springs as well as the bowling alley, and the game corner is located along with Aquabeat, our weatherproof leisure pool, in U-zone.

Location: Oita-ken, Beppu-shi, Kankaiji 1